Category: 6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies Smartboard Games – Veteran’s Day, Time Zones, Ancient Romans, World Geography, World Continents, Egypt and Pyramids, Latitude and Longitude, Africa Maps, Ancient Greece, Making a Mummy, Egyptian Mummies – Play these fun, interactive and free Social Studies games on the Smartboard!

  • Making a Mummy Game – Social Studies

    Use the Smartboard to mummify an ancient Egyptian Body in this informative and interactive Smartboad Game. Mummification is the process of preserving a dead body with the belief that the body would be needed in the afterlife. This Smartboard game takes you step by step describing each part of the mummification process. Directions: To begin, […]

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  • Ancient Greece – Social Studies

    Learn all about ancient Greece using the Smartboard! Uncover facts on the various city-states of Greece, view a timeline which includes important historical events, learn about Greek gods and goddesses, the Olympics, the Greek alphabet and language, even ride a chariot or use a catapult to launch large rocks! Directions: Using the Smartboard navigate through […]

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  • Africa Smartboard Game – Social Studies

    Practice identifying the countries that make up the continent of Africa on the Smartboard.  The continent is separated by geographical regions to make learning easier—North Africa, South Africa, West Africa, or take the challenge of the whole continent in Physical. Use the Smartboard to select North Africa, West Africa, South Africa or Physical. After, drag […]

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  • Time Zone Game – Social Studies

    This is a great interactive Time Zone Map for the Smartboard. A time zone is a region the the earth that has the same standard time form. There are 40 different time zones. Directions: Use the Smartboard to select a city (red dot) and see the name of the city and country with current local […]

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  • Ancient Romans – Social Studies

    Learn about the ancient Romans on the Smartboard! You can learn about the city of Rome, the rebellion, the Roman army, technology, remains,  invasions, wars, family and religion. Ancient Rome was a  civilization that began in the 8th century BC on the Italian Peninsula. Ancient Rome was located along the Mediterranean Sea. Eventually, Rome expanded […]

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