Jack-O-Lantern Creator Activity – Halloween

Carve a jack-o-lantern on the Smartboard in this activity. Carving a jack-o-lantern is one of the best parts of Halloween!

Directions: Select a pumpkin from the pictures. After, customize your pumpkin with eyes, a nose and much more! When you are done print and color. Play


Halloween Mahjong Game – Halloween

Play a Halloween version of the ancient Chinese game Mahjong on the Smartboard. This Halloween game takes strategy and focus to complete!

Directions: Use the Smartboard to create 4 matching tiles to each set. Match the available tiles, pair by pair, until you have removed all of the tiles! Play

Pumpkin Stack Game – Halloween

Have fun this Halloween and use the Smartboard to stack the pumpkins! Everyone loves games and pumpkins!

Directions: Use your finger on the Smartboard to release the pumpkins. How high can you stack the pumpkins? There is music too. Play


Halloween Pumpkin Game – Halloween

Play this fun and exciting pumpkin stacking game on the Smartboard this Halloween! Pumpkins have always been a huge part of celebrating Halloween.

Directions: Use the Smartboard to stack up 3 or more pumpkins. After you have 3 or more pumpkins, the pumpkin line will disappear. Play

Halloween Matching Game – Halloween

Use the Smartboard to match up the same Halloween picture in this game. Halloween has several different items related to the holiday. You can select from pumpkins, bats, skeletons, witches and much more!

Directions: Click on card and reveal the Halloween picture. After, find the same picture to create a pair! Play

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