Simple Addition Game – Math

Practice addition skills on the Smartboard. Addition is when we add two amounts together to find a sum, or answer.

simple addition smartboard game

Directions: Select a level depending on which addition facts you want to practice. Now add up the shoes each ladybug has. The amount of shoes is shown numerically and in picture form. After you find the sum, click the ladybug at the bottom who has the answer. Play

Addition with Manipulatives Game – Math

Practice your addition skills on the Smartboard. Use this interactive activity that includes manipulatives to actively engage students. Manipulatives are visual aides that help students see a concrete representation of an amount.

addition with manipulatives smartboard game

Directions: Answer the addition questions asked by the pirate. Use the colored marbles at the bottom as manipulatives to help add the numbers. To use the marbles, drag and drop them into the white box. The pirate will count the marbles as you drop them. Click on the answer after you have counted the marbles. Play

Numerical Order Game – Math

Use the Smartboard to practice sequencing numbers in ascending numerical order. Ascending numerical order is arranging numbers from smallest to largest.

numerical order smartboard game

Directions: Arrange the numbers in numerical order from smallest to largest. Drag and drop numbers into the white boxes above the mixed up numbers. After you complete a set correctly a new set of numbers will appear. Play

Addition and Subtraction to 9 Game – Math

Use the Smartboard along with your knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve math problems up to the answer of 9. Addition is the operation of putting quantities together for a sum and subtraction is the operation of taking a quantity away to find the difference.

addition and subtraction to 9 smartboard game

Directions: Select play to choose which operation to play with. Once you have selected addition or subtraction click start to begin. At the top of the screen you will be given an equation to solve. Select the correct answer by clicking on the corresponding number. Each correct answer will help the egg grow into a caterpillar and eventually a butterfly. Play

Ordering Numbers 1-100 Game – Math

Use the Smatboard along with this interactive math activity to practice placing numbers 1-100 in the correct order from smallest to largest. Ordering numbers is an important skill to master before beginning to compare numbers, it helps us identify which numbers  have a greater or lower place value than others.

ordering numbers 1-100 smartboard game

Directions: Click play to begin. Place the numbers in the correct order by clicking on them from smallest to largest. When you choose the correct numbers a fish will come and eat them. If you select the incorrect number the fish will release the numbers and you will have the chance to start from the beginning. Each round will consist of different numbers. Play