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5th Grade Smartboard Games – Math, Reading, ELA, Science, Social Studies Games for the Smartboard

  • Division using the Chunking Method – Math

    Use the Smartboard to learn the division method of chunking. This method of division removes chunks of the divisor from the dividend. The amount of the divisor in each chunk removed is totaled to give the quotient. Directions: To begin, click on explain method for an explanation of the chunking method with an example of […]

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  • Long Division Lesson – Math

    Use the Smartboard along with this interactive lesson to learn the process of long division. Division is splitting something into equal parts or groups. Directions: To begin, view Example A and Example B to see the process of long division in action. Next, click start game and choose your level of difficulty. To play follow […]

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  • Animal Characteristics Game – Science

    Use the Smartboard to practice classifying animal characteristics. Sort characteristics of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. Characteristics set one group of animals apart from the others. Directions: Drag and drop each animal characteristic(word or picture) into the bin that it fits best. Move the mouse over the pictures for a description. When you fill […]

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  • Food Chains Game – Science

    A food chain is a community of organisms where each member is eater eaten in turn by another. Use the Smartboard to practice placing parts of the food chain in the correct order in several different versions of food chains. Directions: Click play the game to begin. Drag the parts of the food chain at […]

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  • Reducing Fractions Game – Math

    Practice identifying fractions in their lowest terms. A fraction is in lowest terms when the numerator and denominator are divided by the largest possible number.  Directions: Pick Game 1 or 2. In game one you will be given a visual representation of the fractions and game 2 will just show the fraction itself. Choose relaxed […]

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