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7th Grade Smartboard Games – Math, Reading, ELA, Science, Social Studies Games for the Smartboard

  • Integer Review Jeopardy Game – Math

    Practice you knowledge of integers by playing Jeopardy on the Smartboard. The categories include adding integers, subtracting integers, multiplying integers and dividing integers. An integer is a whole number that can be positive or negative. Directions: First, choose the number of teams and assign each team a name and character. To begin playing the first […]

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  • Computation Game – Math

    Use this math skills game to practice the skills of conversions and calculations including metric conversions, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, calculating exponents, rounding numbers to the thousands and thousandths, and constructing numbers based on place value instructions. This is a great game for the Smartboard or during individual computer time as an enrichment […]

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  • Coordinate Plane Game – Math

    Use the Smartboard with the fun activity to reinforce plotting points on a coordinate plane. A coordinate plane contains the “x” axis and the “y” axis and contains four quadrants in which specific coordinates can be plotted. Directions: Locate the spot on the coordinate plane that matches the corresponding point given to you on the […]

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  • Prime Factorization Game – Math

    Practice your prime factorization skills using this interactive game and the Smartboard. Prime factorization is finding which prime numbers multiply together to make the original prime number. Factor trees can be used to help make this process easier. Factor trees give you a visual breakdown of the factors. Directions: Choose your game mode. Time Challenge […]

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  • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing with Decimals – Math

    Use the Smartboard with this math activity to practice answering math problems involving decimals with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Basic operations with decimals is an important pre- algebra skill to master. Directions: Choose your setup! Select the number of problems you wish to solve, the operation (Adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying,) and how many decimal […]

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