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Timers for the Smartboard – Use these timers to count up or count down on the Smartboard!

  • Timer for the Smartboard

    Use this online stop watch to keep time on the Smartboard. This Smartboard timer can count up or count down. The timer has large font and is easily visible on the Smartboard.   Directions: To use the timer on the Smartboard click on Stop Watch or Count Down. After, select your time. Play

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  • Smartboard Timer

    Use this timer on the Smartboard to count-down or to count up.  This online stop-watch can keep track of your time! You can count-down for an activity or classwork to completed. You can also count-up to measure time! Directions: Select stop-watch or count-down on the Smartboard timer. After, select the time and set. Lastly click […]

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