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1st Grade Math Smartboard Games – Number Bonds, Greater Than and Less Than, Ordering Least to Greatest, Bar Graph, Counting Game, Subtracting, Money and Coins, Analog Clock and Time, Place Value to the Thousands, Addition, Analog Clocks, Making Change, Adding and Subtraction, Ordering Numbers 1-100, Multiples, Base Ten Blocks, Learning Coins, Addition and Counting – Play these fun, interactive and free Math games on the Smartboard!

  • Adding Numbers

    Students and teachers can use this interactive game in Kindergarten or 1st Grade to practice adding numbers. Students roll two dice and find the sum. Students can use the dots or mental math! Directions: Select the option to use the timer or no timer. After, Select from 3 options – Use doubles, Use totals. Play  

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  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Ordinal Numbers

    This fun and engaging game allows you to practice using ordinal numbers. This interactive game will help you reinforce 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Students place the numbers on the correct line. Remember what comes 1st! Directions: Listen to the alien on the Smart board and drag them to the correct spot in line! […]

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  • Count, Match, Order Numbers – Math

    Use the Smartboard to count, match, and order numbers. This interactive game allows you to reinforce these important math skills. Students can practice counting up with numbers and ones. Directions: Select Counting, Matching, or Ordering first. Counting – Select how many, Matching – Select the range, Ordering – Select smallest to largest or largest to […]

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  • Number Bonds to 10 – Math

    Number bonds allow students to see equal amounts. Number bonds also allow students to see the relationship between numbers. Directions: Look at the pairs and select same or different. You can also bring up a picture to help. Play

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  • Simple Addition Game – Math

    Practice addition skills on the Smartboard. Addition is when we add two amounts together to find a sum, or answer. Directions: Select a level depending on which addition facts you want to practice. Now add up the shoes each ladybug has. The amount of shoes is shown numerically and in picture form. After you find […]

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