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1st Grade Reading ELA Smartboard Games – Letters and Sounds, Spelling, Words that Rhyme, Question Marks, Beginning Sounds, Reading Comprehension, Words with Multiple Meanings, Sight Words, Compound Words, Sequencing, Capital Letters – Play these fun, interactive and free Reading ELA games on the Smartboard!

  • Spelling Practice Game – Reading ELA

    Practice spelling sight words using the Smartboard with this engaging activity. Sight words help aide in reading fluency. Directions: The dragon will say a word. It is your job to drag and drop the floating letters into the boxes to correctly spell the word. If you need to hear the word again, just click on […]

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  • Capital Letter Identification Game – Reading ELA

    Practice identifying capital letters with this Smartboard game. Identifying corresponding capital and lowercase letters is essential in learning the alphabet. Directions: Click the full screen button to expand. You will be given a sentence that will appear on a banner. The banner needs to be in all a capital letters. A letter will flash in […]

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  • Sequencing Game – Reading ELA

    Using the Smartboard practice sequencing. Sequencing is an important strategy to master because it tells us the correct order in which things happen or in which to do things.  Directions: Click on one the the lists to put the steps in order. Next, drag and drop the steps into the correct order. When you think […]

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  • Compound Words Activity – Reading ELA

    Use this lesson on the Smartboard to teach students all about compound words. A compound word is when two smaller words are joined together to make one larger word. Directions: Use the Smartboard to navigate through the lesson. Click the Starter Activity link to open the lesson in a new window. Teach students that a […]

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  • Sight Words Game – Reading ELA

    Practice identifying various sight words on the Smartboard with this fun interactive activity. Identify sight words such as duck, bunny, hay, shovel and many more. Sight words are words we see often in reading. By memorizing sight words we help increase our reading fluency. Directions: On the Smartboard click play to begin and then select […]

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