Category: 1st Grade Science

1st Grade Science Smartboard Games – Parts of a Flower, Food Nutrition, Earth Day and Recycling, Living Things Game, Water Cycle, Push and Pull – Play these fun, interactive and free Science games on the Smartboard!

  • Parts of a Flower Game – Science

    Learn about all the different parts of a flower in this interactive Smartboard activity. Learn about the flowers (petals and pollen), leaves (make food for flower), stems (hold plant up, carry water and nutrients) and roots (take in water and nutrients). Directions: Click on all the different parts of the plant to learn the names […]

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  • Earth Day and Recycling Game – Science

    Students learn about recycling in this Smartboard Game called “Everyday is Earth Day.”  Earth Day is on April 22 and marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Directions: Students clean the Earth on the Smartboard and recycle by placing the items in the correct pail for […]

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  • Living Things Game – Science

    Use the Smartboard to sort living things! There are six characteristics of living things-have cells, contain similar chemicals, use energy, reproduce, grow and develop, and respond to surroundings. Directions: Students can classify living things into the category given to them on the Smartboard. The interactive website game checks their response and gives you immediate feedback! […]

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