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1st Grade Smartboard Games – Math, Reading, ELA, Science, Social Studies Games for the Smartboard

  • Addition with Manipulatives Game – Math

    Practice your addition skills on the Smartboard. Use this interactive activity that includes manipulatives to actively engage students. Manipulatives are visual aides that help students see a concrete representation of an amount. Directions: Answer the addition questions asked by the pirate. Use the colored marbles at the bottom as manipulatives to help add the numbers. […]

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  • Spelling Practice Game – Reading ELA

    Practice spelling sight words using the Smartboard with this engaging activity. Sight words help aide in reading fluency. Directions: The dragon will say a word. It is your job to drag and drop the floating letters into the boxes to correctly spell the word. If you need to hear the word again, just click on […]

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  • Time Telling Game – Math

    Practice your time telling skills on the Smartboard. This interactive activity allows students to manipulate the hour and minute hands of a clock. Directions: Select either an analog or digital clock to begin the game. A time will be given at the top of the screen. Drag the hands of the clock or use the […]

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  • Numerical Order Game – Math

    Use the Smartboard to practice sequencing numbers in ascending numerical order. Ascending numerical order is arranging numbers from smallest to largest. Directions: Arrange the numbers in numerical order from smallest to largest. Drag and drop numbers into the white boxes above the mixed up numbers. After you complete a set correctly a new set of […]

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  • Comparing Number Values – Math

    Use the Smartboard to practice the skill of greater than. less than or equal to with this introductory activity. Use this activity to compare number values and decide which symbol completes the statement given. Directions: Count the dots in each box. Then, compare the amounts to see if one is greater than, less than or equal to […]

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