Category: 4th Grade Math

4th Grade Math Smartboard Games – Multiples, Fractions, Division, Place Value, Decimal Place Value, Balancing Equations, Number Line, Counting Money, Measuring with a Ruler, Adding Fractions – Play these fun, interactive and free Math games on the Smartboard!

  • Identifying Fractions Game – Math

    Use this interactive activity with the Smartboard or during student computer time as a supplemental activity on identifying fractions. This game gives students practice in matching the picture form of a fraction to the fractional form. Directions: First, choose if you wish to play with mixed fractions by clicking yes or no. To play, fling […]

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  • Roman Numerals Game – Math

    Learn all about Roman Numerals on the Smartboard with this lesson and interactive activity. Roman numerals use combinations of letters and symbols to represent a numerical value. Directions: First, click on learn for a mini lesson on roman numerals. Click the next button to navigate through the various slides in the lesson. Then, continue to […]

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  • Counting Money Game – Math

    Use the Smartboard with this interactive activity on counting money. Practice counting money using and combination of bills and coins or choose to count using the least amount of bills and coins. Count as low as one cent to one hundred dollars. Directions: Choose level 1,2 or 3 and then select ‘beginner go’ or ‘expert […]

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  • Telling Time Game – Math

    Use the Smartboard to practice the skill of telling time and elapsed time with this fun and interactive game. Elapsed time is the amount of time that goes by while an event is occurring. Directions: Click play to choose the difficulty level to play on. Select challenge for figuring out elapsed time questions. Click the […]

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  • Number Line Activity – Math

    Use the Smartboard along with this interactive lesson on number lines. A number line is lines with evenly spaced intervals. Number lines help show us how number relate to each other. Directions: Press step by step to begin the lesson. Navigate through this interactive lesson Using the next and show me buttons to see steps […]

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