Category: 4th Grade Reading ELA

4th Grade Reading and ELA Smartboard Games – Main Idea, Elements of a Story, Synonyms, Parts of Speech, Adjectives, Reading Comprehension, Compare and Contrast, Fairy-tales, Punctuation Marks, Subject Verb Agreement – Play these fun, interactive and free Reading ELA games on the Smartboard!

  • Compare and Contrast Game – Reading ELA

    Students can compare and contrast texts in this Smartboard activity. Remember, when you compare you look how things are alike. When you contrast, you look how things are different. Directions: Read the text and answer the compare and contrast questions using the Smartboard. Play

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  • Test Prep Multiple Choice Questions Activity – Reading ELA

    Students can read text stories and answer multiple choice questions in this Smartboard activity. Students need to be able to identify information in a text and answer questions. Students and teachers can also use for test prep – multiple choice questions. Directions: Select a grade appropriate story. After, read the text on the Smartboard and […]

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  • Main Idea Smartboard Game – Reading

    Practice identifying the main idea on the Smartboard in this fun interactive game! Main idea is what the paragraph is about. The rest of the sentences are details that support the main idea. To find the main idea, ask yourself, “What is it about?” Directions:  Use the Smartboard to drag the sentence that is the […]

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  • Elements of a Story Game – Reading

    Learn all about the elements of a story on the Smartboard! Story elements include the setting, characters, sequence of events, exposition, conflict, climax and resolution. Directions: Read through the story of Cinderella on the Smartboard. Click on next to view each story element. After, complete each interactive activity on the Smartboard! Play

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  • Parts of Speech – Reading ELA

    Play this game on the Smartboard to practice with nouns, similes, vowels, pronouns and much more.  Students practice different aspects of the English language in this fun Smartboard game. Directions:  Use the Smartboard to guide the alien around the islands. Enter the buildings to talk to people and answer questions to get points.  Once you […]

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