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4th Grade Science Smartboard Games – Parts of the Human Body, Ozone Layer, Life Cycles – Frogs Butterflies Birds, Life Cycles, Erosion, Parts of a Flower, Food Chains, Animal Characteristics – Play these fun, interactive and free Science games on the Smartboard!

  • Life Cycle of a Plant Activity – Science

    Use the Smartboard for this engaging and animated activity on the life cycle of a plant. Lean about the different stages of the life cycle of a plant including germination, reproduction, pollination, fertilization and dispersal. Directions: Display activity on Smartboard. For Part 1: Select each tape (stages 1-6) and press play to watch an animation […]

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  • Life Cycles Game – Science

    Use the Smartboard along with the interactive, animated activity on the life cycle of different animals. Use the Smartboard to sequence the stages of the life cycle for frogs, butterflies, and birds. More animals on the way!   Directions: Use the Smartboard to help the animal complete its life cycle to see it produce and […]

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  • Parts of the Human Body Game – Science

    Learn about all of the parts of the body on the Smartboard! This game will allow you to learn about bones, joints, muscles, senses, brain, heart, blood, lungs, stomach and skin. Directions: Type your name and let the journey begin! Follow the directions to learn about the body in all the interactive activities. Play

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  • Ozone Layer Game – Science

    Learn to protect our ozone layer by playing this interactive Smartboard game.  We all know that the ozone layer protects mankind from dangerous UV rays.  This game helps to inform students which types of buildings produce high levels of pollution that damage our ozone layer. Directions: You must use the Smartboard to click on buildings […]

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