Category: 4th Grade Social Studies

4th Grade Social Studies Smartboard Games – 50 States Game, United States Geography, US Presidents, Christopher Columbus, US States and Capitals – Play these fun, interactive and free Social Studies games on the Smartboard!

  • Latitude and Longitude Game – Social Studies

    Use your knowledge of latitude and longitude to locate specific spots on a map using the Smartboard. Latitude is the measurement of distance from the Equator and longitude is the measurement of distance from the Prime Meridian. Latitude is measured in degrees north and south and longitude is measured in degrees east and West. Directions: […]

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  • 50 States Game – Social Studies

    Locate all of the states in the United States on the Smartboard. The map includes major geography features of the United States. Start by locating Virginia and Directions: Locate the 50 states by clicking on the Smartboard. You have 30 seconds to answer each question. If you get one wrong, the interactive map will show […]

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  • United States Geography Game – Social Studies

    Play this interactive game to locate the major geographical features of the United States. You are going to have to locate lakes, rivers, and mountain ranges. Directions: Answer the geography questions about the United States lakes, rivers and mountain ranges. There are 20 questions that have you have to answer! Play

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  • President’s Game – Social Studies

    Learn all about the United States Presidents in this interactive activity. The United States Presidents start with George Washington, who was the 1st president, and go through to Barrack Obama, who is the 44th President. Directions: Click on any President to learn their birthday, Presidential years, First Lady and legacy. Play

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  • Christopher Columbus Game – Social Studies

    Play this exciting game on the Smartboard to review Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus made trips across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain in 1492, 1493, 1498 and 1502. He was determined to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia, but he never did. Instead, he accidentally stumbled upon the Americas. Directions: To play […]

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