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5th Grade Math Smartboard Games – Ordering Decimals Fractions and Whole Numbers, Multiples, Rounding 1/2, Ruler Measurement, Perimeter and Area, Commutative Property, Associative Property, Identity Property, Ratio and Proportion, Adding Decimals, Place Value and Decimal Place Value, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Order of Operations, Ratios, Solving Equations, Volume of Rectangular Prism, Decimal Place Value, Divisibility Rules, Ordering Fractions and Decimals, Mean Median Mode Range, Measuring Angles, Reducing Fractions – Play these fun, interactive and free Math games on the Smartboard!

  • Division using the Chunking Method – Math

    Use the Smartboard to learn the division method of chunking. This method of division removes chunks of the divisor from the dividend. The amount of the divisor in each chunk removed is totaled to give the quotient. Directions: To begin, click on explain method for an explanation of the chunking method with an example of […]

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  • Long Division Lesson – Math

    Use the Smartboard along with this interactive lesson to learn the process of long division. Division is splitting something into equal parts or groups. Directions: To begin, view Example A and Example B to see the process of long division in action. Next, click start game and choose your level of difficulty. To play follow […]

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  • Reducing Fractions Game – Math

    Practice identifying fractions in their lowest terms. A fraction is in lowest terms when the numerator and denominator are divided by the largest possible number.  Directions: Pick Game 1 or 2. In game one you will be given a visual representation of the fractions and game 2 will just show the fraction itself. Choose relaxed […]

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  • Roman Numerals Game – Math

    Learn all about Roman Numerals on the Smartboard with this lesson and interactive activity. Roman numerals use combinations of letters and symbols to represent a numerical value. Directions: First, click on learn for a mini lesson on roman numerals. Click the next button to navigate through the various slides in the lesson. Then, continue to […]

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  • Measuring Angles Game – Math

    Use the Smartboard with this tutorial and question set to learn all about angles. Learn about intersecting lines, ray, vertex, arc, types of angles and how to measure angles using a protractor. Directions: Click go to begin a tutorial on angles. Click the green arrow to advance to the next part. When the tutorial is […]

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