Category: 6th Grade Science

6th Grade Science Smartboard Games – Body Parts, Design a Catapult, Plant Cells, Electricity and Circuits, States of Matter, Weather, Lunar Cycle – Play these fun, interactive and free Science games on the Smartboard!

  • Lunar Cycle Game – Science

    Practice placing a phase of the moon into it’s correct spot in the lunar cycle on the Smartboard. The lunar cycle is the sequence of phases of the moon as it revolves around the earth. Directions: Choose a level to begin. Drag the moons from the bottom row and place them into their correct position […]

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  • Electric Circuits Game – Science

    Use the Smartboard in this fun game to learn about electric circuits. Learn about what makes circuits work, conductors and insulators, switches, changing circuits, and how to draw circuit diagrams. Directions: Use the Smartboard to select up to five players for this game. Learn the information stated in the guide on electric circuits. When finished […]

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  • Plant Cell Game – Science

    Learn all the parts of a plant cell in this interactive Smartboard game. The game shows you all the organelles, then has you complete a fun activity. You will learn about the ribosomes, vacuole, cell wall, plasma membrane, nucleus, chloroplast, mitochondria, cytoplasm, golgi apparatus, peroxisomes and the endoplasmic retuculum. Directions: View the plant cell tutorial […]

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  • Electricity and Circuits Game – Science

    Learn about circuits and electricity in this engaging activity on the Smartboard. An electrical circuit has electricity flowing through it. Electricity only flows when the circuit is complete with no gaps in between it. Directions: This electricity and circuits game was designed for the Smartboard. You can select one player, two players or whole class. […]

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  • States of Matter Game – Science

    Practice sorting all the states of matter on the Smartboard in this interactive activity. States of matter are forms that different phases of matter take on – Solid, Liquid and Gas. Directions: Move the containers on the Smartboard so that the falling phrases are sorted into solid, liquid or gas (States of Matter). Use the […]

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