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Kindergarten Reading ELA Smartboard Games – Letters and Sounds, Spelling, Words that Rhyme, Uppercase and Lowercase, Alphabet, Beginning Sounds, Reading Comprehension, Identify Sight Words, Compare and Contrast, Letter Recognition, Digraphs, Capital Letters, Simple Sentences, Months of the Year – Play these fun, interactive and free Reading ELA games on the Smartboard!

  • Spelling Practice Game – Reading ELA

    Practice spelling sight words using the Smartboard with this engaging activity. Sight words help aide in reading fluency. Directions: The dragon will say a word. It is your job to drag and drop the floating letters into the boxes to correctly spell the word. If you need to hear the word again, just click on […]

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  • Months of the Year Game – Reading ELA

    Use the Smartboard and this fun activity to help learn the 12 months of the year. Practice putting the 12 months of the year in the correct order. Directions: Click on and drag the months of the year into the correct order. Click on the audio symbol to hear the month. Once the months are […]

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  • Simple Sentences – Reading ELA

    Learn how to make simple sentences on the Smartboard. Making simple sentences is the begging steps in learning how to write. For a sentence to be complete it must always have a subject, verb and present a complete thought. Directions: Words will appear in bubbles and it is your job to place them in the […]

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  • Capital Letter Identification Game – Reading ELA

    Practice identifying capital letters with this Smartboard game. Identifying corresponding capital and lowercase letters is essential in learning the alphabet. Directions: Click the full screen button to expand. You will be given a sentence that will appear on a banner. The banner needs to be in all a capital letters. A letter will flash in […]

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  • Digraphs Game – Reading ELA

    Use the Smartboard along with this interactive activity to correctly identify digraphs. A digraph is a combination of two letters that represent one sound. Directions: On the Smartboard click ready to begin. You will be given a picture. It is your job to identify what two letters the object in the picture begins with. Say […]

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