• Base Ten Blocks Game – Math

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    Use the Smartboard with the interactive activity using virtual base ten blocks. Use the base ten blocks to make numbers. Base ten blocks help us when learning place value, addition and subtraction.

    base ten blocks smartboard game

    Directions: CHoose your game  mode and click go to begin.

    Read and Make: Make the number you are given by dragging the base ten blocks to the  the large white box from the left. You can also change the number difficulty level by choosing 1, 10 or 100 from about the box containing the blocks. When you add a base ten block to the box the arrow will move to that spot in the number line at the bottom.

    Listen and Make: Same as Read and make only the number is said and not written on the screen.

    Count and Write: Count up the base ten blocks and type in the number they represent in the key pad on the left. Play