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    Use this interactive Smartboard lesson to help students write their own Fractured Fairy Tale. A Fractured Fairy Tale takes a well known tale and changes it in an unexpected way by using different characters, setting, points of view, plots. This can be used as a whole class lesson on the Smartboard when teaching a writing lesson on fractured fairy tales or can be used during individual computer time as an enrichment activity.

    fractured fairy tale activity smartboard game

    Directions: Click get started to open a new window with the Fractured Fairy Tale Interactive. You can then read a sample fractured fairy tale or begin to write your own. To write your own choose from “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” or “The Princess and the Pea.” You will be given a brief summary of the tale, choose write a fractured version. Next, choose your changes by inputting the new information as it is asked for. Be creative and have fun! Play